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Top 7 Unique Features of the Chameleon Community Software

The power of social networking sites has urged business owners to come up with their own sites using the many tools available online. Through such sites, employers get to pitch your products and services to both existing and potential customers. It's a more effective form of viral advertising because communication is real-time and responses can be gauged easily. So as a business owner who wants to put up a community site, there are four essential things that you need to keep in mind: instant messaging, forums, multimedia sharing, and user profile. Generic platforms have all these features but the outstanding community software like Chameleon has all these and more.

3D Chat

Unlike any other community software, the Chameleon provides users with a means to interact virtually with their connections. Once your users log in, they will automatically be provided with avatars that represent them in a 3D Social Life Virtual Chat. Here, they can see themselves interacting with other site members in their preferred environment. Your users are free to choose from poolside to bars.

In addition, Chameleon gives your users the opportunity to participate in a video chat with a free VoIP phone. Hence, users no longer need to install separate software just to see friends or loved ones over chat. But don't go into thinking that because they're free, you will be expecting poor quality. The free VoIP phone is guaranteed to transmit sounds that are clearer than in ordinary phones; while the video call is clear and fully Flash-based. And on top of these, Chameleon allows you to connect to multiple chat rooms at once.

The importance of a chat box in a community site is that you, as a business owner, can communicate directly and privately with your consumers. Though this is difficult to implement in a wide scale, at least it provides your members enough reason to come back to your site and even recommend it to their friends.

Geo Social Networking

In a number of community software, engineers seem to have forgotten the importance of the Geo social networking. This is a feature wherein your users can tell the rest of the community their exact location; thereby giving your users the ease of narrowing down their searches if they want to meet people within their location. Don't worry; this software has over 2,500,000 cities in the database so you will be most likely found wherever you are.

Advanced MP3 Player

The Chameleon community software empowers its users by giving them an advanced MP3 player that they could use to showcase their tastes. Not only that, users can also record their greeting to personalize their pages. This feature will give you, the site administrator, an idea on who uses your site and how best to reach the most number of potential customers with the least amount of money spent on marketing.

Youtube-like Video Sharing

Youtube has become extremely popular because it gives its users the freedom to watch, upload and share videos for free. So taking these features in mind and integrating a few more advantages like file conversion into smaller FLV files, improved bandwidth capabilities, protected and streamlined channeling, and an online FLV player that allows your users to watch videos without the need to download them.

With this feature included in the Chameleon community software, you now have the x-factor to pull more members and therefore, more membership fees (for paid accounts). Moreover, you are increasing your site's visibility and value in the eyes of other advertisers; so that's more revenue too.

Classified Ads

There aren't a lot of platforms out there that combine dating and business features. But with the Chameleon community software, you can switch on the classified ads module. This allows your site members to apply for and post jobs. Being a job hub gives your site more credibility than you could ever imagine.

Powerful Photo Gallery

You can never say that your community site is complete if it does not include a photo gallery. In fact, the purpose of your site is to create a virtual community that could mean so much to your members; and one of the best ways to do that is to let your users share their photos. The difference between the Chameleon community software and any other platforms is that the earlier includes a description AND title boxes.

Powerful Forum

A discussion forum is very important to business owners like you because it is here that you get an idea as to what your users think about your service and product. It is also a tool where members can post their questions, opinions and ideas; thereby giving you an unsolicited consumer survey that can be used to better your product or service.

Further, a powerful form is important for users in the sense that it is there they can meet and interact with other members that have the same interests. The forum feature offered by Chameleon gives users the freedom to create their own topic and post using their preferred names.

The Chameleon community software exceeds user and administrator expectations because of these seven unique features mentioned above. It is not only reserved for dating sites but also for business-themed hubs. If the platform you use is as efficient and economical as Chameleon, you are assured that your website will pull millions of users and will keep generating income for you.
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