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Why Chameleon Community Software is Right for You

There are three things that you have to consider when choosing a consumer community software product: implementation, pricing and feature mixing. A software product that offers the best in terms of implementation, pricing and features can certainly make your website a success quickly without you investing a huge amount of money in it. One of the products that you can rely on in terms of these three factors is the Chameleon Community Software.

The Chameleon community software product is designed to help webmasters and entrepreneurs create their own social networking sites, community sites, dating sites or even just about any type of website. This powerful community software product was created by 40 brilliant minds working together for 8 years.

Implementation Path

Implementation pertains to how a community site will be built. There are two options when it comes to this: either write your own application or adapt an open-source package. However, if you choose to adapt an open-source package, you are limiting the features that your site will have. Further, the features included in the package might be of low or mediocre quality that will still need tons of enhancements and that is if the writer will allow alterations.

On the other hand, writing your own application would require expertise, is time-consuming and may not be practical most especially if you don't have the internal resources. You might need to hire engineers, train them and do a series of trial and error until you figure out what you want your engineers to come up with.

In short, open source can be very generic and will never make your site stand out while writing your own needs a bigger investment in time, money and skills.

Therefore, it is only understandable why majority of community sites are bought. And the Chameleon community software is an excellent example of a paid platform that has free yet fully enhanced features with the characteristics you would probably want to have. In addition, opting for this option, you won't have to spend money for hiring experts as the company has technical support team ready to assist you on using the product. The best thing about this option is that keeping your features up-to-date is easy as the software is programmed to automatically update your site features.

Feature Mixing

Unlike other software products that are targeted to a specific role, the Chameleon community software is considered to be an all-in-one package deal. Chameleon is a great tool for creating different site features like blog, forum, video and audio sharing, 3D chat, VoIP phone, and photo gallery. But while what that this product can offer are great applications to put on your website, keep in mind that these features are not only for social networking or community sites. They can also be used to create other types of websites such as classified hub, commercial or even personal websites. In fact just about any website can be made more interactive and powerful with this social network software.

The best part of all these is that using this tool comes with no extra charges. Yes, you may have to pay for the software, but because the software offers a huge array of advantages or features, the price of the software is cheaper compared to how much it would cost you to individual software products.


Prices for community software vary depending on the creator. Bear in mind that any software product is an intangible product, hence its value can only be determined based on how much incoming traffic it can give your site. The logic follows that the more traffic coming in, the more advertisers would be interested to post ads on your site and therefore creating a fast return on investment.

So if you want to get the best deals, go for a company that has not only been in the business for years and is also composed of only the best people in the field. Set a price range that will serve as your guide to knowing when not to get the software. You also need to look into the previous work done by the company, their clients' feedback on their company, how reliable their back up support is and how promising their features are. With the Chameleon community software, you can easily get in touch with any of their staff for a demo or you can visit their site to get a list of all the benefits you will enjoy using the software.

While the price is always a thing to consider before making a purchase, keep in mind that when it comes to buying a software product, the best product would be the one that offers almost everything you need to create your own traffic generating website. The Chameleon community software is definitely a great and practical purchase if you are looking to attract a huge amount of traffic though a full range of features or applications
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