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Chameleon Advantage

To create a social networking site and/or integrate social networking features to your current site is one of the most effective means of building unique and repeat traffic. The core features of such site are effective communication tools like chat messaging, forum, and private messaging and so on. After all, Internet users use social networking sites to connect to people all over the world. So the social networking software that you choose must first provide top-of-the-line communication technology first before it offers anything else.

The Chameleon Advantage

Instead of plain chat messaging like in most other sites, the Chameleon social networking software has video chat and even virtual chat functions. 3D chat allows you to create avatars that move around in a user-chosen background. Conversations are displayed in bubble thoughts so you don't get confused on who you are talking to. Other than that, you can also manipulate your avatar to approach another avatar or so on. But if you'd rather switch to the good old text-only chat messaging module, Chameleon also provides the option for you to do so.

There is social networking software called Groupware, which specializes in the online sharing of documents, photos and videos, and so on for a project. This is more closely defined as collaborative software that supports group interaction. Chameleon has once again taken everyone by surprise by absorbing the core of such software and then creating something powerful of its own. Chameleon offers video, photo and audio sharing modules that can be turned on and off at will.

Another use of any social networking software is to create forums. Forums are originally modeled after paradigm electronic bulletin boards wherein users can create a thread or reply to another post online. Chameleon also has this feature but optimized for use of community scripts.

And of course, there's the blogging feature. Blogs showcase your individuality as it provides an avenue for you to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Chameleon has upgraded this feature a little with the inclusion of a button that allows you to subscribe to your friend's blog.


But the Chameleon community software is a best-seller because of the many other features that it provides. There's the advanced MP3 player, greeting recording, classified ads modules, programmed Flash games, Flash postcard editor, Flash profile editor, RSS feeds reader, and Geo social networking.

With all these features, there is no wonder why the Chameleon is one of the most popular community development software in the market today. It's a perfect choice if you are just starting out a social networking site of your own. But if you already have your own site and would only like to add some more features to encourage more visitors to your site, Chameleon offers easy migration tools. However, Chameleon only supports Boonex Dolphin and PHPFox.

The Chameleon social networking software was put together by highly trained engineers in over eight years. But these engineers are not done yet; additions, modifications and upgrades are still being studied and implemented. The great thing is, all future upgrades are automatic so you don't need to train in the language of programming just to make sure that your site keeps up with the trends in web design.
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