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Frequently Asked Questions About the Chameleon Community Software

The Chameleon community software is a highly regarded tool designed to create a return on investment pretty fast. This is because it is filled with features that have been created by in-house engineers. Since there isn’t any outsourced software benefit, problems are resolved faster because you will only approach one firm for help. It is estimate that in just about 12 months after the launching of sites created with Chameleon, you will already start experiencing about 40% ROI.

What makes the Chameleon software unique?

Unlike other community software products available on the market, the Chameleon offers the most number of free yet high quality free features. For instance, the software’s free video chat works on just about any standard CPU requirements. It is clear and works with VoIP. There’s nothing standard with Chameleon because even the ordinary chat is 3D. Site visitors are automatically transported into a virtual community and assigned with their avatars.

Other than that, every client will be assigned a specific designer to help change the layout and improve the over-all look of the resulting community or dating software. Modifications take about 7 to 14 days, depending on the extent of the work you want done.

How many users have found this software really useful?

The success of your community or dating site depends on a number of factors including, but are not limited to, the software you use, your marketing strategies and the content of your site. So coming down with some definite numbers would be difficult since these factors are closely interlinked. However, a majority of Chameleon users reach their goals relatively fast because the software already has a majority of what you need to come up with a highly responsive site.

How safe is Chameleon?

Perhaps the primary concern of community software users is security. With Chameleon, your users have the power to control which information they would like to share with the rest of the community. But by default, they won’t see each other’s emails.

If you want to integrate payment gateways of your choice, that is also possible. In fact, Chameleon can help you add your own credit card processor on the site but with a corresponding fee.

What does 99% Open Source mean?

By definition, open source software is available in a source code that can be changed or improved and even distributed. But since Chameleon is 99% open source, it means that there are only specific portions that can be altered. Licenses and the most important files remain to be encrypted despite the changes you make.

But just because you are free to alter the software’s codes to fit your needs, it does not mean that you will be exempted from getting updates. As a matter of fact, updates are automatically downloaded the moment they are released.

Can I move all my content to Chameleon?

Yes, this community software supports PHPFox and Boonex Dolphin migration so moving your site’s current content including galleries should be accomplished with just a few clicks.

The Chameleon community software is a breath of fresh air from the standard open source software that limits the client’s preferences. With the right amount of modification with the help of a Chameleon technician, you should be able to come up with your own unique site that invites the most number of clients and promises a quick ROI.
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