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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Dating Software Clients Testimonials

Testimonial - Eugene R. Ducklin

"Perfect - 10/10"

I had been searching for a dating script for a while when I found a good dating script called (removed by ABK-Soft). High price, which means quality, and great dating script functionality. I'm not the kind of person to go on buying something that expensive without a prior exploration of the market and the reading a review or two.

Having paid $1549.99 (including a few basic dating script modules) I was surprised to find out that I had to pay $40 for some programmer to install the script on a server. Running (removed by ABK-Soft) was rather easy, all the settings were clear enough and I was glad. But then the dating script started acting strange, or rather crazy. I had 39 gold members after 3 weeks running but many started complaining about bugs and errors in the script. One of them wanted his money back and I had to give in. I contacted (removed by ABK-Soft) technical support and had to pay $200 for an update. Then once more, another $160 for an update of the dating script, and that was it.

I started searching for another dating software solution and found AbleDating Community Script for just a little over $500. The features were rather standard but free updates and technical support were offered. As soon as my payment was processed I was contacted by ABK-Soft staff who offered their free installation service.

I'm now running (site address removed by ABK-Soft) dating site on AbleDating Community Script which is perfect. It is updated free of charge every month and such features like Video Messaging and Multiuser Chat are fantastic.

Thank you ABK-Soft.

Testimonial - Steven L. Matthews

"Good - 10/10"

AbleDating was one of the first sites that I visited when searching for a dating script. One of my old friends had suggested getting a dating script and had already found a solution for over a thousand bucks when I told him about AbleDating.

AbleDating had everything that we needed - a chat system, video and audio messaging, an easy to use administrative panel offering unlimited script customization, and a powerful affiliate program setup.

After paying for the dating script we downloaded the script, installed and set it up in a quarter of an hour! It was so painless. We signed up and joined an affiliate program which automatically brought us our first few visitors. We set a fee of $18.99 for members to access the online games and made around $200 in the first week of running AbleDating.

We had no problems at all in three months of running our dating site. We have made a little over $3000! Our clients are glad and we are too. AbleDating Community Script development and support teams have helped us a lot in customizing our dating script and in helping us out with problems.

We are happy that we are working with AbleDating script and welcome all Internet users to try the dating script out!

Testimonial - A. Wicklett, Switzerland

Mr. Wicklett from Switzerland wrote a letter to us thanking for ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Script. Buying our community script when it first came out, young and rather featureless he was amazed by the price. Similar community script solutions were priced from two to four times higher than AbleDating Community Script.

Being young and new, with few features it was a good community script solution for a low price, and it was quite enough for starters, especially back then, when communities, dating websites and social network were rare.

After some time the ABK-Soft development team made real progress and started filling the feature blanks of their AbleDating Community Script.

And recently, AbleDating Community Script 'exploded' with many features, and what really made A. Wicklett glad was the fact that these were given to him absolutely free of charge, due to ABK-Soft's 'no more fees' policy.

On the whole Mr. A Wicklett is glad to have ABK-Soft's Community Script solution, and for him, running a community and social network is more a hobby than an earning.

Testimonial - E.A.

"i have never thought of myself running a dating web site; i never really knew how it is done. i used to socialize a lot - dating sites, social networks and communities. i looked for dates, friend and just loved to spend my free time chatting, reading blogs and looking at photo albums (especially those of nice women).

then i became interested in how these dating systems and communities work, why people visit them and how money is made. i was sure that such websites brought much money to administrators and moderators.

i found some dating software solutions on the net. search engines gave out many results, some were quite good, but quite expensive (i didn't know that dating software could be so expensive), others didn't have cool features.

ABLEDATING was a dating script solution that was balanced; a low price and the basic and some advanced features. the team said that updates will be available for free, so i paid by credit card and had the dating software in my mail box in 1 hour.

the team installed the dating software for me (without charging me extra) on a server of their choice and i was left with a dating website. in no time i had some members. i'm running a great dating community now at (removed by ABK-Soft)!
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