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Questions about the 3D city

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I think buy Chameleon and I ask myself questions about the 3D city
1) NJE wondering if 3D city is open source and if I can make changes to the script.
2) And what is the language used by 3D city, PHP?
3) 3D city is it hosted on my own server or on your server and he uses a lot of resource for my server?
4) I also want to know how I can remove the logos ABK-Soft which is located inside the city.
5) I would like to know the procedure to create a language for 3D City
Is this also in the administration panel?

Thank you
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1. 3D City is a Quest3D and 3D Max based and locked application. It can't be edited since it is not an open source application.

2. 3D City is a Quest3D and 3D Max based.

3. Everything is hosted on your own server. Our company doesn't host any single file.

4. Thos are just JPEG images which you'll need to replace with your own files.

5. 3D City can't be translated on the user end.

Thank you.
ABK-Soft Team.
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Questions about the 3D city
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