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Good Community Software

Chameleon community software has the three key attributes that can potentially create a return on investment pretty fast: efficiency, ease to use and economical. This product encourages customer satisfaction by helping online business owners improve their online services. As a business owner, you need to invest in your website as much as you would spend your resources on the betterment of your product or services. This is because a website that is devoid of fun and unique features would easily get lost in the midst of all other similar sites within your niche.


The Chameleon community software offers a full range of cool and easy-to-customize features. With this product, your website members or visitors may choose to hide or show their friend's list and profile comments, depending on what works best for them. For individuals who prefer to keep their identities known to only a few friends, they can do so as well.

Further, the Chameleon software offers a geo-profiling , a feature that allows your members to show their location in the virtual community. With this feature on your website, it is now easier for your members to establish stronger ties among other members of the site.

In addition, Chameleon also offers Flash chat with multiple rooms and forum features. These are cool features that can enhance your members' experience on your website. If you want to integrate a unique chat feature on your site, there is also the 3D chat feature that allows users to interact or chat with each other. Unlike the video chat feature that lets users see the cam of the person they are chatting with, in 3D chat what users see on the screen are their avatars in any of the following programmed environments: poolside, nature and bar.

In terms of SEO, using this community software is also of great advantage, for it offers blog and RSS Feeds Reader features. So if you have members who are into image building, then these features would be very helpful. They will have a means to let their followers subscribe to every post. The RSS Feeds Reader supports all known languages and activating it only requires copying and pasting a link into the profile.

A banner rotation system is also possible with this product, thus making it easier for advertisers to see your site as an advertising hub. You can also add an opt-in page for your members to subscribe and receive periodical newsletters from you.

Easy To Use

What many users like about this software is that it very user-friendly. Having all the functions outlined on the homepage ensures single-click accessibility that makes it easy for users to navigate all the features.

The search box, if you activate it, also allows members of your community site to find high school friends and classmates or just anyone. The more filters you include, the better the search experience and the more targeted the results will be.

In addition, the software also allows you to migrate your website easily into this platform, including your member's galleries and blogs. At present, this software supports PHPFox and Boonex Dolphin.

The Chameleon software also lets you easily track the number of active users of your site, as well as the number of upgrades to premium accounts. All these information can be seen directly from the admin panel. You can also add, edit or remove members, change templates, modify settings and edit your site's content relatively easy and efficiently. In fact, you do not have to have a degree in Information Technology to be able to learn how to maintain or set up your site using this software because everything that you will have need to be able to set up or maintain your site is laid out for you. As long as you are familiar with AJAX and Flash, half the job is already done. If ever you get into problems you cannot sort, the company's 24/7 technical support is just a phone call away.


The Chameleon- community software is economical because it is a 3-in-1 platform for dating, business and community sites.

As a dating and community sites platform, it has tools for video and audio sharing, matchmaking as well as for playing unique games. For audios, each member can upload up to 5MB of music that can be played through an MP3 player. On the other hand, videos can be uploaded, downloaded or watched online via a web-based FLV player. Your users will be saving on hard disc space because they will not need to run any other applications when using the audio and video features on your site.

Free Flash games that have been developed by in-house programmers are also great addition to any dating and community sites. Your users will definitely enjoy the fun and unique games that are found exclusively in your site.

Lastly, the Chameleon community software can also be used to build a business site where employers and potential employees meet. Profiles would be more on experiences rather than the usual preferences and the homepage will be filled with job postings that users can browse through and bookmark. And as for employers who want to show how much they value their employees, they can use the postcard creator to send personalized audio messages to other members.


The Chameleon's value is not limited to the intangible benefits it offers. Its value also extends to what monetary rewards it provides through its affiliate system. This is because for every successful referral, your user can earn money in return.

Because the Chameleon community software is efficient, easy to use and economical, it is considered to be one of the best platforms available today. It is constantly changing and that's more than enough proof of its dynamic nature as well as the untiring efforts of the people behind its development.
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