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Chameleon Community Software - Review of the Best Community Script

One of the latest fads these days is participating in an online community site or a social networking site where you get to meet old and new friends, or find your lifetime partner. The latter can mostly happen in a dating site where people's topmost goal is to meet their soon-to-be consorts. Normally on a dating site, members get the chance to view other members' profiles, chat with them, and then send personal messages through the site as well. Not many people know that these sites are made possible by a simple coding or script from a community or social networking software products. If you are contriving a community site yourself, then the Chameleon community software is one product that you might want to consider to use, for a number of good reasons.

Community Script - Unique Features and Benefits

Designing your own social site or community site can be very difficult, most especially with the wrong software. Thus, it is essential to know what your options are and which products suit your purpose. One product that can be of great help to you is the Chameleon social networking software. Whether you are building a video site like youtube, a social networking site like Facebook and Twitter or a dating site like or, this software can offer you the features that you will need to make your website unique and above the rest.

The Chameleon community software offers the best community script that many other social networking software products don't offer. The following are some of the excellent attributes that the Chameleon software can provide for your website:

- Free Video Sharing and Video Chat Module

This feature makes this community script apart from many other products out there. While there are various dating and community software products that offer such service, using of such features often come with a fee. With Chameleon, you can enjoy integrate the video sharing feature on your website without having to pay for additional fees.

- Unique 3D Chat

The Chameleon also offers a 3D chat feature, which is not being offered by many other software products out there. This feature lets members or users of the site to create conversations in a 3D chat room. The experience is like chatting in the same room with a mate but instead of having the person you are chatting with see you, what comes out on the screen is a character personalizing yourself. With this feature, the users' experience is like playing a role-playing game but the main goal is to chat with someone.

- Free Flash Games

Chameleon community script has integrated free flash games that you can incorporate into your website. With flash games merged on your site, you are sure that the members of your site will always have something to look forward to whenever they visit your website and check their profiles. In fact, it is because of these flash games that attract many young members to use popular networking sites like Facebook. Having a flash game also helps members of your site to get rid of boredom, most especially when there is nothing new on other members profiles for them to check out.

- A Geo-Social Networking Feature

This feature allows members to broadcast where in the world they are. It is important for a social site to have this one so members can easily browse and connect with each other easily through basic search on location.

- RSS Feeds Reader

A unique feature that allows members or users of your site to just copy and paste the links of any RSS feeds for other members to see or read, regardless of language (since all languages are supported).

- YouTube-Like Video Sharing

There are so many benefits of offering a video sharing feature on your site. This feature can attract traffic to your site as it allows members of your site to share their talents or skill through video, to share cool or funny videos, or even to learn from other people's videos. What is good about the software's video sharing feature is that it allows members to upload movies or videos, and convert it to FLV files to share to the online community. Thus, members can enjoy watching shared videos and at the same time upload whatever they feel like sharing, too. But the best thing about this is that there is no need to pay for extra fees for you to use this feature on your website.

Whether you are looking to create your own community site like facebook or twitter, you can always count on Chameleon. Chameleon offers a full range of features that you can customize and integrate into your website, thus enhancing your users' experience. The best thing about the software is that it offers community scripts or features that you can use for free on your site.

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