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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Community Software Features

The full featured download version of ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Software costs just under six hundred dollars, and for such a low fee you will get all the things needed, and more.

Powerful Administration Tools - membership fees, limitations, rules, specifications; audio, video, chat, online games settings and records; affiliate programs settings and account management; template and visual management, and others.

Flexibility and Compatibility - open-source code, programmable and modification compliant community software; fully customizable templates and editable language and text control; compatible with all automatic payment processors and banner exchange programs;

Safety and Stability - SSL secured processing support; over 1,000,000 members support per site, stable and fast due to PHP based code;

Interactivity and Interesting Content - online games (Battleship, Love Tree, etc.), VIM (video instant messaging), IM, Voice IM, Flash Chat, 3D Interactive Chat and more; powerful profile management, with blacklists and favorites;

Free Client Support - 24-hour support by e-mail and telephone; free installation (re-installation) and setup of community software; free life-time updates and upgrades; custom template and feature programming; and more...

Ordering AbleDating Community Software is a matter of minutes - fill out ABK-Soft Community Software order form, and receive AbleDating Community Software download package by e-mail in seconds after your payment has been processed. Order ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Software NOW!

Modern life has changed tremendously because of the internet. In fact, the internet has even affected how people interact with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances and how they meet other people. Internet users, or netizens, now meet people and sometimes build friendships and relationships through social networking sites. Popular social networking sites, products of effective community software, allow netizens, especially the younger set, to encounter different groups of people without having to leave the comforts of their own homes.

As a result, many people are now very familiar with social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter, multiply, and myspace, especially since most of them check their accounts in these sites several times a day. These people use social networking sites for various reasons: to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones; to share stuff like ideas, interesting articles, funny stories, and photos; to chat with distant friends or loved ones; to establish social standing; and to build a social network, for example, by interacting with people who also have similar interests. Indeed, social networking sites are an integral part of modern life.

In view of all that have been mentioned above, web merchants or people who run businesses online, include social networking sites into their company websites. Chameleon Software is one such innovative community software, which that web merchants usually use to build social networking sites.

What is Chameleon Software?

Chameleon software is a social networking/online dating/community software that enables web merchants to create and manage a social networking/ online dating site which they could integrate into their company websites or put forward as a stand-alone affiliate site, which will, of course, also have profits of its own. Chameleon software presents the usual features that most social networking sites have, for example user profile and information, private messages, photo and video upload, and instant messaging.

However, Chameleon software also recognizes that netizens are now more discerning and very particular. So the designers of the software have come up with several special features which are fresh, entertaining, and useful, which will keep the current members of the site hooked to the website, and which will attract new members to the site.

Some of these new features include: Geo Social Networking, which allows users to display their current location; MySpace+Flash Profile Editor, so that users can customize and add a personal touch to their profiles; Video Chat, which is actually part of the software and not hosted by a separate third-party provider; Funny Flash Postcards Editor, which allows users to send personalized postcards to other users; Flash Chat with Multiple Rooms, which is also part of the software and not sold separately; and Flash Games, which will amuse, entertain, and keep users engrossed with the site.

It is true that other community softwares can help web merchants create social networking sites. However, the challenge there is to build and maintain a social networking site which will be effective by holding the interest of its members and by being sustainable. The developers of Chameleon software offer the community software with a promise that they will help web merchants build, maintain, and establish social networking sites which work and which will keep on going.

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