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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Are you currently using a dating software solution that isn't really making you happy? ABK-Soft gives a second chance to all those who have received more trouble than profit when using other dating software solutions.

The usual problems that owners of underdeveloped and unserious cheap, expensive and free dating software solutions meet are too ordinary features, uncustomizable interface and dating software program code, little or no dating software customer support, many extra charges and additional fees, insecure and unsafe program code, little or no dating software updates and upgrades, and much much more!

ABK-Soft has developed not just a complex dating software solution. ABK-Soft has put together a team that is ready to provide you with excellent customer support and work with client feedback to constantly improve their dating software technologies and features.

The many cases of "I have contacted support many times after purchasing the dating software and got no reply!" that we have seen in many dating software review sites, dating software forum sites and comparison sites with user ratings and voting makes us come to a conclusion that there are too many unserious dating software providers and developing companies.

The ABK-Soft dating software development team understands this perfectly and works hard to get everything inside and outside the dating software to work flawlessly. The ABK-Soft dating software management team work close with their dating software clients to provide you with a near to universal dating software solution for everyone. Fully customizable (99% open source PHP dating software code), full customer support (pre-sale, and as importantly post-purchase), powerful hi-end features (like Video and Audio Chat, 3D Chat, Online Flash Games and more)! ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software gives a second chance to owners of other dating software solutions and future owners of dating software solutions.
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