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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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PHP Free Dating Software

When searching or for free dating software, free social network scripts and free community script solutions one will surely get a huge amount of PHP script websites offering free dating software. But are these free dating software solutions really good and can these free dating software solutions be trusted when it comes to thousands of dating site members, their safety and security, and your safety and security?

Try out the following experiment: find the first free dating software solution in the net and add to the software's name the keyword 'exploit' and hit search! You will most instantly get dozens of hack guides and exploit lists which put the free dating software solution at risk when used. When it comes to free dating software development programmers are not responsible for their script code and do not guarantee, for example credit card processing safety and server compatibility among many others.

Along with free dating software solutions you will get no technical support, no customer support, no updates and upgrades, no bug fixes, no patches, etc. The functionality and features of free dating software solutions are not tops at all! The most you will get with a free dating software solution is an integrated Java chat. Most free dating software solutions are 100% open-source which leads to the mass availability of multiple modifications with implemented malfunctioning script code, trojan integration and code backdoors! Why risk when there a some powerful and cheap dating software solutions available?

ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Software solution is not a free dating software solution. This makes it a very safe and powerful solution to use when it comes to managing and running social network sites, communities and dating websites.

ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Software solution is easy to install. ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Software solution is easy to use. ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Software solution is available instantly after payment! Order your dating software solution today!
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PHP Free Dating Software