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Authorities Can Shut Down Your Dating Site

How you design your social networking site could determine how long youíll stay in business. There are two factors to that. One is that the amount of revenue you get will depend on your siteís popularity and that will be based on the features you offer. And second, if you live in a country like China, youíre privacy settings would dictate how the government will treat your site. So it is vital that you choose dating software that is rich with settings to allow you to control it depending on the pressure from your users and the government.

What happened to China will stay in China?

The social media community is abuzz with some disturbing events showing how the Chinese government has total control over the Internet. Just recently, it has shut down blogging sites based on accusations of being venues for rumors to proliferate. Analysts say that the government did such actions because they donít want their side of the story to be met with doubts.

In addition, microblogging sites with 300 million users were also forced to disable their comment modules. This means that users will not be allowed to comment on otherís posts; thereby limiting freedom of expression. Add to that, new policies will be implemented on March regarding the use of pseudonyms. According to the guidelines, bloggers will have to use their real names for better tracking by the government.

Despite the negativity, what happened in China is a strong proof of the power of the social media.

So how will this affect future site owners?

The restrictions in China could happen to you too with the cyber cop division becoming a staple in police departments all over the US. Freedom of speech should not be taken advantage of because that could lead you to trouble. As a future site owner, you must choose your dating software wisely using the following guidelines:

1. Does your dating software allow you to customize your settings for the best of your potential users and the authorities who might be checking on your site?
2. Does your preferred dating software well-equipped to accommodate upgrades that are necessary in keeping your customers interested in your site?
3. Does it include features that are unique on its own and without requiring you to pay for anything more?
4. Does it have a strong support group composed of other co-users in a forum and experts from the company?
5. Does it allow you full control on who joins the site and what members can do while on your site? This would be of great help later on when sensitive topics are discussed on a wide scale basis.

Just because the Internet is wide and diverse doesnít necessarily mean that authorities canít get to you. The wonderful technology of the Internet is coupled with equally effective tracking technology used by a team of IT experts. Therefore, to make sure that you earn from the site that youíve invested without getting anyone cross, choose your dating software wisely. One of the best social networking or dating software to choose is Chameleon. Visit to know more about Chameleon and how it can help you.
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