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Abledating 2.4—All-in-one dating & sommunity software

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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Chameleon Social Network + Dating Script

Chameleon Social Networking Software allows you to create a social network or dating site just in seconds! It is our flagship software with all the features we have been working on for the last 10 years. You can also browse the unique designs! Read more about this product | View video introduction!

Chameleon.Mods: Mods & Customization

Have a Chameleon Social site? Want custom changes?
If you want to add new features, change some graphics, add pages, hire us! The costs start as low as $30 per project!

Let us help you! Live Sites Examples

Here you can see some live social networking and dating sites using our software. Please note, not all of them are established sites and there many which are very new ones. But there are also many of them that have thousands of active members by now.

Look at some live sites using our software!

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