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Abledating 2.4—All-in-one dating & sommunity software

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*If you buy Chameleon TODAY, you get FREE: 1) YouTube Video
2) VOIP Phone 3) Voice Recording
4) Video Chat
Later these features will go separately, so you will be able to buy them additionally.

Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Why it is the best community script?

We never use any third-party software, we develop everything ourselves. The vast majority of the companies will offer you a third party video chat, a third party voip phone, a third party forum, etc. What does it mean to you? It means you will have to pay more license fees and what is very probable you will NOT have an unbranded solution. Your site will be full of logos of very different developers.

It is not the case with ABK. We offer a video chat made by us, a 3d city made by us, a VOIP phone made by us, a flash profile made by us, etc. What does it mean to you? It's your site. Period. No encrypted files. No powered by's. It is your site.

AbleDating and AbleSpace Live Sites!

Dating Scripts Benefits Free Video Sharing Module

If you search the web you will see that it is a unique offer. All other dating or community software providers either demand a monthly fee or a Flash Media Server, which costs now $6000. Some of our cusomers say it is too good to be true. But it is.

Dating Scripts BenefitsFree Video Chat Module

It is also a unique offer. Actually we also will charge new customers a monthly fee but later. Now all video chat features are free for lifetime for customers. We constantly upgrade our dedicated servers.

Dating Scripts BenefitsFree Flash Games

It is hard to keep members interested. Everyone knows that. So we have added a game module to the software that allows to play interactive games. It is sure to interest your members. New games are being constantly added.

Dating Scripts Benefits3D Chat on the Site

To attract your customers even more we have a 3D Avatar Chat in the software. It is inhabited by funny unique avatars, you can enter and chat with your mates there.

Dating Scripts BenefitsAjax-Based Software

When you have 600 000 members or more in is important. The pages do not reload after a button has been pressed, only what is needed is downloaded in background. The browsing is fast and smooth.

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