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Community Software + MySpace

MySpace has gained much popularity and cast a huge shadow over thousands of other PHP social network resources due to the massive amount of �neat� functions provided. The MySpace engine is powered by complex social network software solutions along with many special modules and scripts. MySpace has powerful modules that let PHP community members create blogs, share photos, videos and music, open and join discussions, create friend groups, and much more. Today MySpace has over 100 million PHP community members, with more than 200 thousand new PHP community members added each day.

Now, wouldn�t it be tremendous if your AbleSpace community script powered website would offer such functionality and entertainment features like MySpace does? Well, it does! This does not necessarily mean that ABK-Soft�s dating software will bring as many members each day as MySpace PHP social network does. AbleSpace 2.4 community software now comes with free (for a limited period of time) PHP social network modules similar to those of MySpace, or Friendster (another PHP social network resource).

ABK-Soft AbleSpace community script MySpace-like modules:

  • Full AbleSpace YouTube-like module integration
  • Social network blogging and forum
  • Profiles � Single and Couples
  • Live Video Chat and VOIP
  • Dating system Digital Postcards
  • Friends and Groups PHP social network modules
  • Online Multi-user chatrooms
  • And more�

    ABK-Soft AbleSpace PHP community script has all the modules needed and pre-installed to effectively run and manage a MySpace style environment inside your PHP social network community. The MySpace-like modules are not independent from PHP community software created dating environment, they are incorporated to function with AbleSpace, which means that your PHP dating website will still be a dating system website but with the additional elements of a PHP social network. AbleSpace PHP community script not just creates a dating system where PHP dating members use the matchmaking software to find a few friends or a future spouse, the dating script provides all the functions to run a fully-featured PHP social network community. This, in turn, means that PHP dating members will be able to:

  • Add each other to friends, and invite (filling a form, or even providing a CSV file) new external friends to your PHP social network
  • Share blogs, and write comments to them
  • Create new groups and join other groups enjoying discussions on anything, from politics to science
  • Share audio and visual experience � photographic images, video clips, voice recordings and music
  • Send and receive IM (in the dating system: Instant Messaging)
  • Take part in the life of the PHP community forum, administrated and moderated by you, the AbleSpace dating software owner, and/or some of your best trusted PHP dating members

    The features stated above are only a number of the basic functions one would expect to find in a MySpace PHP community. AbleSpace community script developers went deeper creating additional Flash programmed modules that, for example, overcome stressing or boring situations after taking part in a PHP community group discussion. ABK-Soft�s PHP dating software Flash Games and Flash Greeting Cards are sure to provide any AbleSpace PHP community member a relaxing or funny atmosphere. ABK-Soft AbleSpace is an AJAX based dating and community software, which means that server download times are very low. An AbleSpace run PHP social network also has a 3D and a Flash Chat, which would normally cost around $250.

    But let�s get back on the AbleSpace PHP community + MySpace topic� YouTube was one of those elements (external modules) of MySpace that let their PHP social network members share video clips and watch them online without having to download large raw and not optimized files. AbleSpace dating software has also got a YouTube-like module which works exactly like YouTube, but without any need for a dedicated Flash Media Server (worth around $2000 in monthly membership payments a year). For more information on the YouTube-like module in AbleSpace dating script, please, have a look through the �AbleSpace PHP Community + YouTube� article in the article archive. Moreover, web-based communication using AbleSpace dating software VOIP and Live Video Chat modules make your PHP social network an even more advanced and enjoyable experience for your PHP dating members. Plus, your are saving $150 each month and $6000, because you will not have to buy an Adobe Media Server to route and stream the traffic of the dating software Live Video module.

    The AbleSpace dating software MySpace-like module, unlike the critical spyware issues known to be threatening in MySpace profiles, is safe and can contain no spyware or malicious Javascript, PHP or HTML code because the profiles of an AbleSpace community script run website cannot be personalized using these codes. This is a drawback, but, however, it is vital to keep a PHP social network clean (i.e. free of spyware infections and malicious program code). There are other well-known security and privacy issues with MySpace being uncontrolled � for instance, child safety, social and cultural offence and discrimination, stalking and spam among others. An evident rule is that the smaller the space the more control over it. That�s the case with MySpace vs. AbleSpace social network software + MySpace-like modules.

    Difficulties in controlling spammers and keeping them away from your dating system can also be overcome quite easily, as AbleSpace, unlike the original MySpace engine, lets dating script administrators limit the MySpace-like modules access to Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships only, which means that any determined spammer will have to pay a membership fee. And even if members start violating terms and conditions the total volume of new user-submitted information per day, unlike any MySpace social network affiliate resource, is relatively low, letting administrators and moderators clean-up and effectively control any blog comments, discussions and posts. AbleSpace community script has another MySpace-like �goody� � a Classified Ads module, which lets members post advertisements selling goods or rendering services.

    Nonetheless, of course, you will not get a 100 million members on your PHP social network website like MySpace does, but AbleSpace social network software will surely satisfy your dating site members who are hungry for virtual socialization and entertainment, without the disadvantages of the giant MySpace social network. You will not believe how many people tend to visit and become frequent users and regulars of PHP social network internet resources, and you can imagine how popular, and, fortunately for you, how a small amount of social network developers actually have incorporated MySpace functions into their dating and community software. AbleSpace social network software + MySpace-like PHP community modules = a fully-developed, interactive, optimized and organized social network environment.

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