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Remember, Absolutely Bright Knowledge LTD. has your back all the time. Some of out dating software funcitons may seem a little too complicated, and some explanation is sometimes needed. Not all re-sellers have sufficient knowledge on the PHP programming code issues and modding, for example. Dating script re-sellers are always welcome to contact support and get a thorough reply in a few hours. That way you will not have clients waiting for days to purchase the community software because of some question that you're not able to answer - you'll get the information right on time to guide your customer through the buying process and get your 20% share. This article covers the basic understanding and the minimum knowledgebase one should have prior to becoming an official Absolutely Bright Knowledge script re-seller. For more information it is advised and strongly recommended to contact support. Chameleon, Oryx, MIXER!! and 3DCity are waiting to be re-sold by you right now! Do not miss your opportunity, start your own online business with our dating script solutions and make money now.
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