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Open Source Social Networking Software

The use of social networking sites has been trending and continues to gain popularity not just among individuals who are merely looking to establish their own network of friends and dating partners, but also to businessmen who are looking for ways to better communicate and reach existing and prospective customers. But instead of using popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, business managers are now given the opportunity to establish their own site through the help of social networking software applications. Among the popular and widely-used ones are the open source social networking software applications.

The term itself tells it all. Open source social network software allows users to build their own site and modify the codes according to their preference while still maintaining the results freely available and open to the public for further changes, modification, development, and maintenance. The different open source social network software available in the market today all differ in terms of the features and functionality they offer. They also have different amounts of flexibility and may have limitations in terms of access and content. The tools and functionality that are common among the different open source social network software applications include multimedia sharing, blogging, online forum and discussion boards, instant messaging, tagging, and social grouping. Some applications may offer more, such as profile comments, video chat, RSS feeds, 3D chats, and geo social networking.

Open source social networking software applications, however, are not for free. It is important to note that open source doesnít mean that they can be used for free. Although there are some vendors that can provide software entirely for free, there are those who will require users to pay for additional features and services like plug-ins, ad removals, and other applications.

This type of software application is particularly beneficial to business managers who need to enhance their business processes and improve communication with their customers and business associates. Many of them, however, are challenged with selecting the best one from hundreds of social networking applications available in the market.

When choosing an application to use for business, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. The most important one is to ensure the software is able to meet the needs of the business. While itís easy to get attracted to a software application that has the most number of features and exciting innovative tools, this should never be the best option. The needs of the business should always be a top priority.

Itís also important to look into the support options of the software. Good software applications are those that are able to provide assistance at times when the software wonít properly install and function the way theyíre supposed to. Assistance can either be through an online forum or through customer service representatives who can be contacted through chat or phone.

With the help of open source social networking software, finding a place in a fast-growing and highly-competitive online environment has come easier. Businesses, in particular, can now build their own network of customers, making it easier for them to contact and communicate with them. Many of todayís social networking software applications are also designed to provide customers amazingly fun tools and options for better and more exciting web experience.

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