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Dating Script

The ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Script development and support teams are constantly being asked about the "powered by AbleDating Dating Script" label at the bottom of their dating script 'powered' web pages. The question "Can I remove the "powered by AbleDating" dating script text?" is echoing constantly in our dating script support e-mail inbox, our presales and post-purchase forum.

The "Powered by AbleDating" dating script label can be removed manually by scraping through the complex PHP code pages. This can be done by searching for "powered by AbleDating" through a PHP file document inside the AbleDating Dating Script archive. The ABK-Soft development team is ready to remove "powered by AbleDating" dating script label free of charge upon request, unlike other dating script solution providers, who request an additional fee!

The ABK-Soft team gives full permission to remove the "powered by AbleDating" dating script text from the pages that your members view and surf. But it is against the Terms and Conditions to remove them from any other place inside the AbleDating dating script archive. All license files and headers and footers of the PHP code containing "powered by AbleDating" dating script are not to be removed, edited or replaced.

In fact, you are free to change almost anything in the PHP dating script program code. But keep in mind that the ABK-Soft AbleDating dating script team is not to be held responsible for any damages that may be inflicted client-side, member-side and/or server-side due to program errors caused by dating script code modification, and is not obligated to correct or fix security holes caused by bugs in modified dating script code.

Dating Script Customization

It is one of the most common requests made by clients, and one of the most common questions asked by people interested in the dating script - Customization or, as it is more often called, Dating Script Modding (modification). What exactly is dating script modding and why is it becoming more important for ABK-Soft?

'Mod' is a trimmed abbreviation of the the word modification, thus modding denotes the process of making modifications to something, in our case, modification to dating scripts and dating software. Modifications are usually custom-made, that is the exact reason why they are sometimes referred to as 'dating script customizations'. In terms of dating scripts, specifically ABK-Soft's AbleDating and AbleSpace solutions, dating script modding implies small or drastic changes made to the PHP code in order to add, modify, or remove some functionality.

Let's look at some examples taken from past clients' needs and requests:

a) Dating Script Modding - Adding Functionality. ABK-Soft has had customers wanting to integrate MSN, AOL and YIM protocol compatible chat modules into their dating script powered websites. ABK-Soft development PHP programmers managed to do what had been expected, without introducing new script bugs and errors due to module incompatability. Most popular modding requests of this type include external (third-party) script integration, like Flash Games, IMs, MySpace-type pages, Online Weather Widgets, etc. Introduction Flash videos and additional PHP pages are also often requested. Custom Payment Systems (SMS, e-Gold, etc.) are an important aspect of functionality addition. OSCommerce and Shopping Cart Scripts have also been requested as part of the dating script modding process by clients who wanted to run online shops inside their dating and community resources.

b) Dating Script Code Function Modification. Among popular requests we can find dating script IM sounds changing, 3D Chat custom characters and locations, and many more. This type of modification also includes layout and post-'Custom Dating Script Template' code modification. Logos inside all the modules are often rebranded.

c) Dating Script Modding - Removing Functionality. ABK-Soft has had customers wanting to completely remove some functions and modules, like Videos, Games, etc. based on their needs. For what, one may ask. This question applies to this and to the other two types of dating script modding mentioned above.

Dating Script Modding and Customization is a very powerful aspect of ABK-Soft's product range. Modding gave birth to alternative resources, like one of the most successful community-like websites, where new and underground artists upload their demo tracks and have them streamed online for producers to hear and listen to; a whole new use of the dating script based on the AbleSpace engine with lots of modules integrated. This is very important - the versatility of ABK-Soft's dating script means that the use of the solution is not limited to dating only. Our clients have corporate websites dedicated to freelance, where instead of 'Male looking for Female' they have 'Freelancer looking for Work', intead of 'Blogs' they have 'Portfolios' - a perfect example of non-traditional use of AbleDating and AbleSpace software packages.

The advantage of dating script modding and customization is so evident! First of all, tradional dating websites after complete modding look and feel so different and original, giving internet surfers and community members a unique experience. You can make you dating site better than others, with more functions, better usability and get much more traffic to your resource. Secondly, non-traditional use lets you come up with great ideas and let them get accomplished without hiring programmers that would charge thousands of dollars to code the resource you need from scratch. Our dating script can be totally re-modelled and modded (cutomized) for specific use, powered by the same stable and secure modified code. Dating script modding saves your time and your money letting your ideas come to life with ABK-Soft.

Today, 73% of ABK-Soft's dating script powered websites are modded to some extent, looking completely variative, original and creative. ABK-Soft Modding Engineers are more than eager to go to any extent to make your web-resource ideas come true. There is absolutely nothing impossible (as long as it is reasonable)! Modding can also be done by the client or the client's programmer team. The dating script code is open and liable to serious modification and customization.

Your ideas + Our dating script modding capabilities = Your perfect community-based web-resource.

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