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The ABK-Soft AbleDating dating script has finally, after months of non-stop hard work, been laced with some fresh and major functions and features. These new additions made our community software more functional and more ‘worth the money’ than ever. Nevertheless, the price of our AbleDating community script has not risen, stably holding the position of an ‘under-$600’ categorized social network software solution.

YouTube has gained popularity so quickly that every major forum, blog and other, various types of online resources have incorporated embedded YouTube video players to let members and users watch online video clips, music videos, films, etc. ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software development team has not just embedded an online YouTube-style player; they have managed, again, after many sleepless nights of working hard, to develop a YouTube-like system, letting the PHP dating software owners and their dating site members not only watch, but upload and share their videos, too. The YouTube-like module was designed specifically to work with AbleDating online dating software, and optimized to get the best results and performance in terms of server bandwidth outflow and distribution, and storage volume economy of the dating software hosting server webspace. As many already know, the YouTube system automatically converts most major video file types to relatively very small FLV files, which are than seamlessly streamed on-the-fly and watched online. The advantages of this really effective system are: a) improved bandwidth capacities, due to the small download sizes and, therefore, download times; b) protected and streamed channeling (the FLV video files are remotely located at special dynamic and dedicated servers, allowing users to watch only, rather than download them, possibly infringing copyright laws); c) online integrated FLV player environment enables users to watch videos without any external media players (using any web-browser Flash plug-in as a player instead), guaranteeing a safe, stable and hassle-free time watching clips.

Hence, with this new technology, our advanced dating software solution becomes more interactive, enjoyable and interesting. ABK-Soft AbleDating online dating software owners have the chance to provide a PHP social network environment advanced and professional enough to make any member, of any age, gender and interest, enjoy their stay. This YouTube-like player dating script integration provides hours of entertainment. Any PHP community member, having been granted the access (type of PHP dating membership: Free, Silver, Gold or Platinum), will be allowed to upload their favorite home-made music clips, home-made videos, and any other video material, while the other members of the PHP community will be able to stream (i.e. watch online) the content.

What benefits does this YouTube technology provide ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software owners? First of all – more members. Your community software powered web-resource will stand out from any other PHP community or PHP social network simply because it has far more advanced features, in this case YouTube-like technology. More members means more membership fees, and, subsequently, more profits. Another great advantage of using the YouTube-like technology with AbleDating PHP dating environments is that the module is provided free of charge, and is included in the social network software. And that is not all, each YouTube FLV file is converted and stored on a dedicated server, a so-called Flash Media Server. The monthly membership fee for some Flash Media server space is around $150, and, guess what – ABK-Soft’s complex technology has gone further and owners of AbleDating community script will not have to pay any monthly fees. In just one year ABK-Soft dating software owners can save up to $2000 – that’s almost four PHP dating software single licenses.

ABK-Soft AbleDating PHP social network script is now not only a matchmaking ‘utility’ but a fully functional YouTube-like community, providing hours of audio and visual entertainment.

Please note that the ABK-Soft community software team in no way does support illegal video material sharing using AbleDating PHP social network script. ABK-Soft is not responsible for the actions of AbleDating community script owners and PHP community users and/or members. ABK-Soft’s YouTube-like dating script technology is meant for uploading, sharing and watching original video material without infringing copyright laws and regulations. ABK-Soft encourages all social network software owners, administrators and moderators to control and intersect (by deleting) any video material that is unsuitable, illicit and/or violates any federal or international laws.
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