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Scammers and Social Network Communities

Nowadays scammers are everywhere. Most big online dating communities and social networks are flooded with scammers. Who are scammers? Scammers are people, who use dating community network services to deceive other members and to drive money out of their pockets. Scammers usually present themselves as nice women (with fake photographs) and wait for some member of a dating network to start chatting with them. From then on, the scammer pretends to fall in love with the 'victim' and makes up fabulous messages filled with love and romantic content. Suddenly, a sad story is made up, for example, an accident, an illness, a close one's death, and the scammer asks for financial help. The 'victim' falls for it and sends out the money. Another dating scheme is that of the scammer's wish to meet the 'victim', but having no money asks, again, for financial help.

Being in command of a ship called "Social Network" can be hard with scammers around.

There are tons of dating site scam schemes and no community script owner is protected. To minimize the risk of your clients being led into giving out money the ABK-Soft AbleDating Social Network System development team have developed extra security features for script owners and members alike.

AbleDating Community Script has member registration security protection such as Anti-Automated Registration, Anti-Bot Systems, and Secure Messaging. AbleDating Script powered dating site members are free to ignore other members and report any violations to the Administration.

Now, no matter how good the security systems are everything depends on the dating site members. Scammers use social engineering methods to manipulate their 'victims' and as instant messaging is private you will not be able to protect your dating site members. They shall have to protect themselves.

A few basic rules for your members' security are:

- Always visit Anti-Scam sites, which freely provide blacklists and stories to look out for;
- Never give out credit card and personal information over dating sites;
- Never agree to send out cash.

And remember, as a social network script owner you are not responsible for your members' actions.
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