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Social Network Script's Possibilities

The variation in administration and customization setup is so huge that any social network script owner will find the right setup to fulfill his/her income wishes and social network script usage comfortability.

The vast possibilities in the editing and customization of the social network script are possible thanks to the fact that AbleDating social network script is almost completely open-source (except for some license files which cannot be edited).

The complexity of customization depends on the user-level of the social network script owner, and is divided into:

* Beginner PC User - changes in hundreds of settings through the Admin CP in the social network script can be made by non-professional PC users with no in-depth knowledge of PHP programming. In just a few mouse-clicks such social network owners may be able to change membership fee rates, add banners, pictures, change colors and much more.

* Normal PC User - may be able to setup whole Affiliated social networks, integrate local payment methods (with support for local credit card brands and processors), integrate PPC and PPV banner ad programs.

* Advanced PC User - will be able to change and edit AbleDating social network design templates, manipulate with features' settings and more.

* Programmers and Expert PC User - will be able to change 99% of the code and the social network script, add new and customized features, change features and make it look like a personally developed social network. Learn more about dating script customizing!

ABK-Soft AbleDating Social Network Script - control and edit your own social network.
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