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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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PHP Dating Standard

Is there really a PHP Dating Standard? Well, there isn't really a PHP dating standard, but there is a typical 'image' of a PHP dating script. First of all, let's see what advantages a typical PHP dating script has.

The PHP programming language is fast, but unoptimized PHP dating program code is far from fast. PHP is secure, but, again, a code with many security holes is far from secure. So as you can see, PHP Dating scripts will not be good in the wrong hands, no matter how much of 'PHP' they've got in them.

Now what do you usually see in PHP dating software solutions? Let's compare these to AbleDating PHP Dating Software to find out whether it is 'the PHP Dating Standard' or not. Your usual PHP dating software solutions have simple profiles, instant messaging, powerful search system, and perhaps a few other basic features. ABK-Soft PHP Dating Script did go further.

The basics - profile, with a Photo Album and Audio. Instant Messaging goes further too - Video Messaging lets users send video files. The powerful search system is as powerful as usual PHP dating scripts, letting members search by location, age and even by hair style!

Now, what about the price standard of PHP dating software? There are free PHP dating software solutions, but eventually you'll end up spending much more than for the average PHP dating solution. Most PHP dating scripts cost from nearly $1000, while ABK-Soft PHP Dating Script costs a little above $500.

So AbleDating PHP Dating Software Solution isn't really a standard PHP dating script; it goes further than the standard. Get your copy of AbleDating PHP Dating Script today!
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