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PHP Dating

Customer support is frequently overlooked by people who are looking for a php dating solution. Customer and technical support is so important that it will be too late when you'll begin losing serious money.

PHP Dating Software providers and developers most often do not include technical and customer support into the price of the php dating solution. So when you have bought a php dating network script, paying much money for it, you will encounter some problems.

First of all, as soon as you get the php dating software you will find out that it's not that easy to install - all those php dating servers, databases, and MySQL tables. It could be rather complicated and a beginner level PC user will not be able to install the PHP dating software correctly, unless helped out.

And what if the PHP dating software code goes crazy and nuts? Will you be able to fix the problem or to patch a whole in the PHP dating software code? And where's technical support? Who will help out? Will you hire a PHP programmer? Or will you wait for a few days until the PHP dating software development team fixes the problem for $30 a month?

And what about PHP dating software updates? Do you want to pay for them too? Many PHP dating software providers charge from $50 up to a few hundreds for even the minimal changes in the PHP dating code.

AbleDating PHP dating software comes with technical and customer support in the box. For absolutely free you will be able to contact our PHP dating professional staff and let them solve all your problems.

Moreover, you will get any PHP dating updates free of charge too. No more paying for a few changes; get new features, games, and other stuff for free!

You don't imagine just how much money ABK-Soft's PHP dating technical support will save you! A minimum monthly fee of $30 is $360 a year, plus about $50 per PHP dating software update a month - $600 a year. Do you want to pay another thousand dollars per year for using the PHP dating solution? No? Then, ABK-Soft AbleDating PHP dating software is for you! No technical support fees, no update fees!

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