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Dating Script Customization

One of ABK-Soft AbleDating dating script most valuable advantages is the fact that it can be completely customized, re-modeled and edited. This goes for the dating script program code as well as for the dating script management features.

The customization level is tops when it comes to ABK-Soft's dating script and social network solution. Everything can be changed and customized from the dating script Home Page Image to the color of the frame inside Members' Profiles. Everything concerning the look of the AbleDating dating script generated website is the Template of the dating script engine.

Changing and editing the dating script and community script template is easier than in any other dating script. Due to the open source code changes to the dating script code, thus the template, are made possible, easy and permitted by ABK-Soft's terms and conditions, unlimited by the license.

The program code of AbleDating social network and dating script is as clear as possible and any beginner-level programmer may easily make alterations to color schemes, labels and the position of objects. Changes to labels and colors can also be made through the Admin CP by non-programmers. The dating script Admin CP contains, for example, a Language section where any label can be edited and changed into any other text in any language.

AbleDating dating script customization power goes further. Not only can dating script and community network owners change the membership fees, changes can be made to free members limitations in access (for example, free members can only access Flash Chat and 3D Chat access will be blocked). Changes to Affiliate program fees and payments and Automatic Image and Audio Conversion settings can also be edited without pains, in a few mouse clicks.

Everything can be customized and edited. AbleDating Dating Script and Social Network Script has all the power needed to customize and setup the best dating site in your city or country!
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