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Abledating 2.4—All-in-one dating & sommunity software

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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Dating Software Comparison

ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software is one of the brightest and best dating software solutions available today! Filled with ideas from creative, young and energetic minds it is a monster!

Most comparison charts online, comparing dating scripts, Social Network Scripts and community network scripts have been comparing nearly identical old social network scripts with out-dated features and boring looks.

What has AbleDating to offer? Well, there were two articles or reviews fully describing the beauty of this social network script. For a full list of features and a demo of ABK-Soft AbleDating visit the Features and Demo sections of the website.

Among the gems of AbleDating Community Script that make it look so different from other scripts are:

3D-Chat - a live 3D-chat system, with personalized avatars, actions and environments, taking chatting to the next level;

Video Chat - instant video messaging system enables the members of an AbleDating-based social network chat live and see each other;

Flash Games - original Flash-based games will provide hours of fun.

These are by far not all the fantastic features. Have you seen any other community script or dating software with such features? There are modules for old community script which cost more than AbleDating dating software. But why pay more for some of the stuff, when you can get the full-package for a little over $500? Have you seen the prices around? Decent community scripts and dating software solutions range from $1000! Plus, most community scripts are not updated at all, while AbleDating Script is updated regularly and owners are every time provided with an update free of charge.

ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software is the best solution for the right price!
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