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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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ABK-Soft's Dating Site Software Solution

Dating site software is as popular as ever, but very few people realize that dating site software can be cheap and bring money. Most of us got used to the fact that a dating site software solution costs around $1000, and that's without dating site software modules; you just get a skinny script with a few basic functions and features. To get a decent, quite interesting dating site software solution you would have to have a budget of around $2000!

ABK-Soft's dating site software is a full-featured solution at a relatively cheap price. Being available to most internet businessmen, young and old alike, ABK-Soft's dating site software enables you to run a powerful dating site with as less expenses as possible. ABK-Soft's dating site software solution is called AbleDating. Why? Because it is 'able' to run a good dating website.

AbleDating is being constantly developed by a group of professional programmers, specializing in dating site software running on PHP engines.

All o f ABK's dating site software's features are advanced, such features as 3D chat, Flash games and multiple chat, Video IM (instant messaging) and other features. This dating site software makes it easy for AbleDating's owners to control and administer the site. ABK-Soft's dating site software is integrated with a powerful and easy to use Administrator's Control Panel, with straightforward and easy to understand settings.

Making money with AbleDating dating site software is easier than you think. Methods, other from membership payments (which can be set as high as one wants in the dating site software Admin CP), are PPC (pay-per-click) programs, banner exchange programs and Affiliate programs.
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