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Review of the Community Software

The AbleDating Community Software developers team get many letters form their customers. But more importantly they get letters from members who use services rendered by ABK-Soft's Community Software. Most members are fond of AbleDating Community Software and prefer websites running on AbleDating Community Software, but there is a small percentage that complains. This small percentage is important for the ABK-Soft team as it gives them a chance to change the community software program code to make it feel and look better.

What do members of ABK-Soft's Community Software running Dating Sites like in the dating script?

- An on the whole comfortable interface and easy-to-use and find features.

- Members like to play Love Tree with friends in between instant messages and date searches.

- Flash multi-user chat gives members the opportunity to control and manage chat rooms, which is great.

- Blogs, like Live Journals, give members the chance to write anything from short stories to 'a day in a life' stories.

- Video IM (instant messaging) is extremely popular with all members. It is just wonderful to see who you're talking to!

- There are no complaints from credit card paying members.

And what about the things that members find uncomfortable in ABK-Soft's Community Software?

- Most AbleDating Community Software owners are not aware of the fact that Languages can be added instantly and some members will be glad to help in the translation of a good dating site.

- Members would like to be able to choose from a few template skins.

- Members would like to see more games and are dying to get to use "The Telephone" VoIP technology based live voice messaging.

ABK-Soft is working to make their Community Software better and we will all see new and requested features soon. All AbleDating script owners should frequently check for new community software updates.
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