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PHP Dating Review

I was on a business seminar in September and the topic of the day was "Internet & Making A Living". I had reviewed a PHP dating script a few weeks earlier and when we were asked about making money in the Net I suggested running a social network or a dating community. The reaction of the present was inadequate, perhaps due to their lack of knowledge the field.

Who needs PHP dating scripts? Those who want to earn, simple! The scheme of incomes is not complicated and the volume of income can be calculated and evaluated in a matter of minutes without any figures.

Where do these incomes come from? First of all, as any usual website, PHP dating scripts can host banners on their pages. That means money from pay-per-view and pay-per-click programs. Second, many PHP dating scripts have affiliate programs and partner schemes, so you will get paid for your members' visits to other PHP dating websites, plus, you'll get traffic from other members, meaning more money from membership fees and banner views. Last but not least, rather 'most', Membership payments. PHP dating script owners can set Membership fees as high or as low as they want, so it's really up to them how much money they will get from their members.

As you can see, PHP dating scripts can bring a good amount of money. The only problem is how to make your website shine and stand out from the crowd of hundreds of other PHP dating sites on the Net. One of the best points would be to get a great PHP dating script with many functions. Choosing one isn't a matter of minutes, and not hours either. PHP dating script solutions should be analyzed carefully and their income vs. expense power estimated.

Well, in conclusion, I would like to cite: "A PHP Dating Script may bring a lot of profits in good hands."

PHP Dating Scripts: "Who Needs Them Anyway?" Review by G. Coller
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