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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Free Community Script

No more fees? Yes, no more fees! Many community script owners after having paid a few thousand dollars for a community script solution keep on paying to this day. What for? Additional community script fees and payments include:

- Community Script Customer and Technical Support Fee - most community script providers provide free customer support and technical support for a limited period of time, anywhere from a month to a year. After the free period is over community script owners will have to pay monthly or yearly membership fees to get some essential help or advice.

- Community Script Setup and Installation Fee - most often you will be left alone with some empty server space and many PHP files, not knowing what has to be done. Community script owners will have to hire a professional programmer or pay the community script provider to help out.

- Additional Modules for Community Script - an expensive community software solution may become even more expensive if additional modules, offering new and old features, are required. Many community script providers do not include such basic modules as chat, credit card processing modules and language packs. These have to be bought, and this means more fees and payments.

- Community Script Updates and Upgrades - almost all dating and community script companies do not offer free updates and upgrades to their community script solutions. This means that owners will be left with errors, security holes and community script bugs. An update costs about 25% of the initial community script price. has got a community script called AbleDating Community Software Solution. AbleDating Community Script says stop to additional fees. Look how many additional fees and payments owners have to make! AbleDating Community Script is a one-time fee full-featured dating software solution. Installation is done free of charge, setup is done free of charge, technical support is provided free of charge, customer support is provided free of charge, updates and upgrades are provided free of charge! There is no need to buy extra community script modules as everything is included in AbleDating Community Script, and new features will be made available free of charge!

ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Script says NO MORE to ADDITIONAL FEES and EXTRA PAYMENTS!
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