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AbleDating Dating Script - Communication

Communication among members of a dating site is the most important thing in the dating community. People actually come to dating sites to chat and have fun in the social network. That is why our dating script solution, called AbleDating, concentrated on having a powerful communication system, which is being updated every day.

AbleDating Dating Script has five main tools for members' communication needs:

1) Instant Messaging or IM. The most basic and traditional communication system offered by AbleDating Dating Script Solution. It is a text message exchange system, which is updated in real-time, with the possibility to send messages to offline members.

2) Video Messaging or VIM. A dating script communication system giving members the possibility of sending short video clips (with sound) to each other.

3) Voice Chat. A system that lets members talk to each other over the net in real time. The audio is encoded on-the-fly by the dating script's audio compressing system to save time and internet traffic.

4) 3D Chat. A dating script modeled 3D environment with 3D models with lets members interact and chat with each other. The 3D Chat system is Internet optimized and runs in real time.

5) Flash Chat. A fully working IRC Flash-written chat system. This system lets members create and manage their own channels just as in any IRC network. The dating script handles all the data transfers and makes it easy to administer the whole system for script owners.

Dating websites are supposed to have powerful and interactive communication possibilities for members to enjoy. The AbleDating development knows this and is constantly updating the systems. This leads to more efficient, enjoyable and interesting communication on your dating website.
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