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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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PHP Scripts: Dating

There are many PHP script solutions out there, but only one type of PHP script will let you earn much money. PHP script dating solutions (otherwise called PHP script community or social network software) are special types of PHP script programs that enable the flawless running of social networks and dating community websites.

ABK-Soft has been working hard to provide the PHP script market with a PHP script dating solution that can be setup to run in a few minutes after buying it.

ABK-Soft's PHP script dating solution is called AbleDating PHP Script. AbleDating features quite a lot of new stuff that you do not quite often see in PHP scripts.

Blogs (forums) feature, 3D chat, AJAX/Flash based multiuser and multi-chat room (channel) chat, a live voice chat soon coming up, fantastic and classic Flash games, with individual designs. Video dating messaging and more.

ABK-Soft PHP script has an open-code, which means that it can be freely changed and edited to suit one's needs. Everything can be changed from design templates to languages, from membership fees to images and individual member levels (letting you give free memberships to friends).

AbleDating PHP Script has a powerful interconnection feature - Affiliate program, which lets owners connect together many social networks to form one mega huge network and make much more money together as partners.

Still looking for a PHP script that will surely bring you money? AbleDating PHP Script for Dating, Social Network and Community Websites.
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