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Dating Software Affiliate Program

What are Affiliate Programs and how do they help the owners of ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software?

One of the most overseen features of AbleDating dating software is the Affiliate Programs function. Affiliate Programs help build networks of community websites powered by AbleDating.

Owners build affiliate networks by setting up links and rules in their Administration Control Panels (Admin CP). Linking up other AbleDating dating software powered dating sites has many advantages. By being a member of an affiliate program you, as any other affiliate program partner, will get paid for your members visits to your affiliate partners' social network websites. The amount of money that you will be paid varies from one partner to another, and is set in the Admin CP, in the Affiliates section.

Another advantage of AbleDating's Affiliate Programs is the fact that you will get external traffic to your social network, which means more members, and more money from pay-per-click programs, banner ad exchange programs and others.

AbleDating Affiliate Programs may be setup inside countries with different owners in every city. Being affiliated these social networks, running on ABK-Soft's powerful dating software, will take advantage of each other and end up being one huge network with enormous amounts of members, bringing money to every partner of the Affiliate Program.

AbleDating Affiliate Programs Overview may also be setup between neighboring countries and countries far apart. Such community website networks are popular with penfriends.

Take full advantage with ABK-Soft dating software and its' Affiliate Programs and make enormous profits!
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