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New Community Software

Progress makes things better. The same applies for ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Software Solution. Program code becomes more efficient, compliant and rapid. Features are added constantly. Thus ABK-Soft's Community Software is frequently updated.

So what changes have been made to AbleDating Community Software recently?

1) Additions to the list of features:

a) 3D Chat. A chat system with 3D modeled avatars and environments.

b) Video Messaging. Like Audio Messaging you can leave recorded video messages which are compressed to save bandwidth traffic.

c) Online Games. Originally and specifically coded for ABK-Soft Community Software Solution to provide fun time for you community software run websites and social networks.

d) Multi-user Chat. An IRC-like online chat. Our community software's integrated multi-user chat lets members create and manage chat-rooms and control other members.

2) Other additions:

a) New and improved technical support network and community software pre-sales management system.

b) New additions to the development team: new programmers and designers with fresh ideas and professional skills guarantee an overall improvement in the look, feel and performance of ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Software Solution.

More things were added and are soon to be added. For a full list of ABK-Soft's Community Software features visit ABK-Soft's Features Page.
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