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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Dating Software vs. Community Software

ABK-Soft is aware that dating software is getting quite old and out of fashion, community software and social network scripts are top gear now, shining with their newness and originality.

Community software and social network scripts are the same 'old' dating software solutions with much more functionality and capability. A common dating software is a script with member profiles, a search engine, an IM (instant messaging or private messaging) system, and some additional tools. Have you seen AbleDating's functions? Flash games, Flash chat, 3D chat, video messaging, VoIP service, blogs, and much more!

ABK-Soft doesn't consider AbleDating a mere dating software solution. ABK-Soft is close to becoming a full-featured community and social network script. AbleDating has long overpassed today's dating software standards. The eMarket is not yet filled with powerful community script solutions and ABK-Soft is recommending itself as a revolutionary and amazing solution for social network administration.

Dating software solutions were, are and will be requested. It's like a classic in internet relationships and online communication. That is why AbleDating will prove to be the best dating software solution with integrated community software and social network script functions and capabilities.

ABK-Soft will constantly develop and strive to be a powerful community and social network solution, while paying tribute to the roots of social networks - dating websites.
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