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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Community Script Profits

Where lies the money magnet in the dating business? Community script solutions. Community script solutions are programs which make it possible to setup, run and manage dating websites, community websites and social network websites.

So how's money made using community script solutions?

ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Script has three main 'systems' which make money, and these are:

1) PPC/PPV programs bring anywhere from a 'dozen' of bucks a month up to a few thousands, depending on the number of members on the community script run social network and the types of advertisements that are being worked with. PPC - pay-per-click - get paid for each member's click on an advertisement, and PPV - per-per-view (most often per thousand views) - get paid for your members' viewing an advertisement. AbleDating Community Script has no banner integration limitations, so owners may add as many paying banners as they want.

2) Affiliate programs transfer commission from membership payments at Affiliate and partner ABK-Soft community script powered dating sites, communities and social networks.

3) Local Membership Fee payments are the most profitable incomes. AbleDating community script Admin CP lets owners set this fee as high as they want, or as low as they want.

The amount of profits that may be made using ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Script can be calculated in a few minutes and you may be in for quite a surprise. In less than a month (with a minimum of 100 members) you will get your money back paid for the community script from the membership payments and banner ad programs! Get your copy of ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Script today and start doing real business!
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