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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Social Network Scripts and Dating Communities

All of us have surely heard about Dating Websites, Dating Communities, Matchmaking, and a bunch of other names for the same thing. So what is this Dating Community thing all about? Well, frankly speaking, a Dating Community or Social Network is a place on the web where people meet and interact. Matchmaking is the process of finding people on Dating Communities and Social Networks by age, location, interests and so on.

A Social Network Script (or Community Script) is the piece of internet software that makes Dating Communities and Social Networks work! Now choosing a Community Script from hundreds may be quite frustrating. Will you look at the price? At the features? What if the best solution would turn up all of a sudden offering a good price and the best features?

Every Community Script is different. But, the core of every script is PHP-based and offers almost identical functions. There is one quite special Community Script out there that is PHP+AJAX-based. This fact makes it stand out from the rest with new ideas and interesting solutions for members and owners alike!

AbleDating Social Network Script is not your ordinary $1000 Community Script. AbleDating Social Network Script is a powerful, open-source, constantly evolving Community Script solution:

Powerful - AbleDating Social Network and Community Script gives its owners unlimited management and administration power! The administration panel gives you the ability to control everything, from membership fees to mailings. Members will be quite surprised too - Flash-based online chat, 3D Chat, Multiplayer Flash-based Games, Audio and Image upload and loads more! AbleDating Social Network Script takes Dating Communities to another level!

Open-source - The owners of AbleDating Community Script get an open-source, i.e. fully changeable and reprogrammable Community Script. Owners may change anything from design colors to website labels (all international languages are supported). With the help of a programmer, owners may add and edit the script's functions! Your Dating Community will be totally different from other users who use AbleDating Community Script!

Constantly evolving - AbleDating Community Script is constantly updating, each day it is being improved, remodeled and new features are added! And owners will get any updated free of charge! AbleDating Community Script comes with a full life-time upgrade guarantee! The ABK-Soft development work around the clock to provide you with the best solution on the market!

Much can be said about AbleDating Community Script - visit the Features and Benefits at the ABK-Soft website to find out more!

Social Network Solution

What I Like About Chameleon, the best Social Network Script out there

For a starting E-businessman, I made the right choice with Chameleon, the best community/social networking script for my company. Marshal McLuhan's prophecy of the virtual city has come true with the success of social networking sites that not only allow people all over the world to meet but also develop important business and personal relationships.

At online communities, users interact, exchange data, and discern the services and products they want from companies. It's important for businesses, starting and established, to take advantage of the social networking scripts that would entice many potential customers. Chameleon is the most affordable and innovative social networking script you can get your hands on.

Social Network scripts are responsible for making virtual communities on the Internet. It'a a program that installs, runs, and manages social networking sites, community websites, and online dating sites.

Those who value of social networking scripts know their capability to generate traffic and income for the company by simply regulating the steady flow of users and potential costumers into a web site. When a social network script is used to create an online networking website, E-business owners can incorporate pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertisements on their interface. The better your social network script software is, the more attractive your website will turn out. And the number of users that register and continually log on to your site attracts advertisers and investors.

Another thing I like about Chameleon, aside from the fact that it's more affordable compared to other social network scripts out there, is that I was able to use it to create a dating website that generate results for me and my users. Users at my website pay a monthly membership to enjoy the awesome services I provide them. By giving them a good platform for meeting quality people who they can become friends with or most likely, longterm romantic partners, I am able to develop and sustain my company. And Chameleon has made all this possible.

I used to run my dating website with freeware social network scripts, but I always had to do damage control for the endless issues, bugs, and loopholes that nearly put my company in danger. Security issues are plenty with freeware social network scripts. The website I was trying to build is becoming more and more vulnerable to hackers.

When I looked at other social networking scripts, the price tag immediately turned me off. Plus, I've gathered some feedback that there still issues with these high cost scripts. Many of the features that my users should immediately enjoy are not offered; instead the developers charge more just so I could incorporate other features or what they call modules.

Chameleon is more affordable and it comes with all the usual features social network scripts provide, and even more. The developers at Chameleon make all the software requirements and do not rely on third party sources. It turn, they get to provide the whole package at a fraction of what others cost. I pay just once and I get all I need to build a dating website that my users and me can be truly happy with.
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