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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Whether you are thinking about making money using a Community Script and Dating Services, or you're just curious, you are about to find out how profitable Dating and Community Software may be! ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Script (Social Network Software, or just Dating Script) is one of the best and cheapest dating scripts and social network solutions available today.

Though new to the market, AbleDating Dating and Community Script guarantees more usability and freshness in their solution! This means that more Social Network users will be interested in using your website, if it is run with AbleDating Community Script! ABK-Soft market researchers guarantee up to 20% more members of an AbleDating Dating Solution than users of any other Dating Script Solution. Let's get to the part where we talk about profits! AbleDating Community Script offers powerful membership and affiliate management tools.

Using AbleDating Dating Solution you will be able to set membership fees. Users are divided into two groups - Free Members and Gold Members. Free Members have restricted functions, like not being able to view video files, to chat online, and so on (these restrictions may also be managed). Gold Members, having paid a membership fee, have unrestricted Social Network content.

For example, you have 1000 members using your Dating website. The ratio of Free Members to Gold Members is 5:1. That means that 200 users pay monthly membership fees. Setting up a membership fee of $20.00 gives you $4000 a month! And that's just with 1000 users! Imagine having as much as 10000 members! Increasing the fee might decrease the number of Gold Members, while lowering the membership fee will surely result in a drastic increase of Gold Members and members on the whole! Affiliate programs also bring profit. Having a network of AbleDating Community Scripts in one affiliate program will result in getting money for having your users register at another AbleDating Social Network Affiliate member's website.

More information about Affiliate programs is available at the ABK-Soft website. Another way to get paid is to become a member of PPC (pay-per-click) programs and banner exchange systems. offers good PPC terms. will pay you for your AbleDating Social Network members' clicks on Google's advertisements! Banner exchange systems will also pay you for just showing some ads at the top, the side or the bottom of your Dating Community. AbleDating Community and Dating Script is the ultimate solution which will definitely bring you much profit if used correctly.

The AbleDating professional staff will guide you through the process of setting up fees and applying different fee strategies to make your incomes higher! Start earning today with ABK-Soft AbleDating Community Script and Social Network Software!
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