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Running a dating website or a dating software powered social network isn't enough for social network owners. Social network owners and dating software users must promptly provide customer support and customer care. Members will be grateful and will gladly prolong their Gold Membership with the social network.

ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software team helps you build up your good relationship with your members. Providing customer care in the form of small tips and hints for your members is a great idea and a good way to make your members trust you and your social network.

In this article we will give you some tips, or rather tips for you to give to your dating site members. You may freely reproduce the contents of this article on your AbleDating powered community and social network blog or help section.

Making your profile look good is not a matter of hanging up a few old photos and writing some stuff about yourself. Social networks are flooded with "I am cool", "I am beautiful", "I like oranges, apples, cars... bla bla bla..", so making your profile stand out from the rest of the profiles in the community network or dating site is important if you want to be a hit.

First of all, all of your photos should be clear, recently made, and your face should be clear enough to make out. It's not recommended to upload your pets', your friends', or any other photos. In social networks and dating sites people meet each other, not each others pets.

Writing about yourself isn't as easy as you think. Though, it really is easy to write some stuff about yourself, but everyone can combine a few words and write an "About Me" essay. What will make your profile's About Me section look special? Don't follow any templates, be as original and as creative as you can be! Your About Me text should be catchy from its first words. A good idea would be to start with your favorite proverb, or saying, a short story or a joke; that way the whole community and social network will be amused by your first words and will keep on reading all the way to the end. The beginning and the ending should be as creative as possible because these parts are remembered better than the other parts of your 'essay'. It would be a good idea to throw some creativity here and there in the middle to really keep the community reading and wanting more!

AbleDating dating software has an Audio Message feature. It's not recommended to upload songs. The social network wants to hear you, not some old 'I Feel Good' song. Audio messages may contain you singing, playing an instrument (just make sure that you're good at it and that you don't sound boring), telling some joke, and other creative stuff - just use your head! But remember to keep it short and to the point, the community wouldn't want to download 3MB of audio just to hear you reading 'Little Red Riding Hood'!

That's about the basics, you might want to add more points, but this piece of article is one of the most favorite guides for dating, community and social network members. Be sure to work with your members and let ABK-Soft AbleDating dating software do the rest and bring you profit!
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