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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Dating Script Profits

It has already been said that ABK-Soft's dating script can bring much profit in good hands. ABK-Soft's dating script comes equipped with many money bringing features like: customized Membership fees, Affiliate programs management, and all types of banner exchange and ad programs/schemes.

With such tools at the disposal of AbleDating dating script owners money can be made easily even with running the dating script in a small town or village high up in the mountains.

Some easy calculations may prove the power of ABK-Soft's dating script in good hands. Let's say that you have 400 members on your dating site and 100 Gold Members. In a month, running ABK-Soft's dating script you will earn:

1) A Dating Script Membership Fee of $20.00 will bring $2000, a small time fee but a good start.

2) 50 Members joined an Affiliate ABK-Soft dating script social network. And that's $100 a month (if a 10% of a $20.00 membership is paid out for each member).

3) 500 Members viewed 3 banners on your dating site every day. And with $10.00 per thousand views gives you a $450 payment. 10% of them will click - a minimum of $1350 is made on banner ad programs.

This is $3900 a month. After a year, your ABK-Soft dating script running social network will have more and more clients, meaning more and more money. And there are no expenses. ABK-Soft is a one-time fee dating script solution.

In the long run, after a year of doing a few mouse-clicks in the evening, you will end up with a stable sum $48000! And that is fantastic taking in account that administering a social network running on AbleDating dating script is easy.
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