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Abledating 2.4—All-in-one dating & sommunity software

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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Savings with Community Script

The Dating business is considered to be a rather expensive business. Community Script buyers often spend over $2000 for a piece of basic or semi-basic Community Script for their Social Network. Why in the world spend over 2000 bucks for a basic Community Script, which will not stand out from the crowd of other Community Scripts, especially free ones!

"Well, I'm ready to spend more for a decent Community Script!"

Spend more!? How much more can you spend? $3000? $4000!? You can manage to spend as much if you're going to buy extra Community Script plug-ins like chat systems, auxiliary administration tools, updates and so on. A $2000 Community Script might even turn into a $5830.99 solution (not to mention names)!

Why pay more when AbleDating Community Script might surpass most over-$1500 Social Network solutions? AbleDating doesn't have huge amounts of external and optional Plug-ins costing from $50 up to $500. A one time fee will give you the power of owning a complete Community Script solution with all the most powerful features needed to make your dating site a blast!

For just a little more than $500, paid once, you will get the full open source Community Script with Flash Chat, 3D Chat, Online Flash Games, Power Administration Tools, Management Tools, Affiliate Programs and much more!

"$500!? I can't believe it!"

Well, actually there is an explanation for such a low price. The ABK-Soft development team is situated in Moscow and consists of professional students, young and energetic, full of bright ideas. The ABK-Soft management team is situated in the US.

AbleDating Community Script is updated frequently and the ABK-Soft team makes sure that free updates are available for the Social Network script owners. Imagine how much money you're going to save on updates! The already mentioned fact that the Community Script is open-source makes it easy to edit. Don't spend money on custom design templates - do them yourself!

After some basic calculations taking an average Community Script priced at $1000 plus a few chat and management Social Network Script Plug-ins, and updates, you will find out that the total cost of the script would be somewhere under $2000!

AbleDating Community Script is available at 25% of that price! You save a minimum of $1500, which could be invested into advertising and marketing services!
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