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Community Script Security

Security is an issue worrying most dating and community script members and more importantly Gold Members and future Gold Members. Community script owners want their script to be safe from hacking, spoofing, DOS attacks, server viruses and other damaging things that make the work of a community script unstable. What can be worse than losing hundreds of paying members because of a security hole in the community script?

The security offered by AbleDating Community Script makes it an ideal and safe solution for dating websites and social networks. But what makes AbleDating Community Script so safe for members and owners alike?

Members may be sure when paying for a Gold Membership that their credit card details and personal information will not be intercepted or edited. This is because AbleDating Community Script uses Secure Socket Layer certificate technology when dealing with credit card transactions. Additional security systems can be integrated into the community script code by PHP programmers.

AbleDating Community Script guarantees that script owners are not interrupted by code errors and bugs. Of course new features in the social network engine may lack errorlessness, but due to the fact that the community script is being constantly worked upon and that it is updated regularly hacker attacks and script breakdowns are minimized to a very safe level.

Both members and community script owners may fully trust AbleDating Community Script security, and almost daily update and script changes guarantee that all bugs and code errors are fixed before damage is done. The ABK-Soft development team knows that security is an important issue and concentrates to fulfill and make AbleDating Community Script as safe as possible.
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