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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Social Network Script Membership

Many owners find it difficult to make out the ideal membership fee for their social network and even more difficult to make their websites members buy a so-called Gold Membership.

AbleDating Social Network Script makes it easy to change the membership fee and, as importantly, the member level limitations.

The power of member levels is frequently overlooked by social network script owners, and that is too bad. Member levels enable social network script owners limit the access of certain and special features of the social network script.

For example, ABK-Soft AbleDating Social Network Script has a multiplayer online games feature which can be made inaccessible to normal members. So these members might be willing to pay for a Gold Membership to enjoy the benefits of online gaming! It isn't recommended, though, to make normal members left out of the social network, and some freedom must be provided, as these bring profits by viewing and clicking on banner and advertisements on your social network script powered website. A moderate ratio of Gold Features and normal features will make normal members enjoy their stay, but wanting to pay for a Gold membership.

Membership fees in ABK-Soft's AbleDating Social Network Script must not be set too high, as not to scare customers away, and not too low, as not to suffer low incomes. Social network script owners should check the dating market out and compare the prices around. Setting them a little below those of other social network powered websites will provide a good start for a 'newbie' social network. ABK-Soft Social Network Script owners may then gradually raise the membership fee and strive to be an elite social network, community or dating website.
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