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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Have you ever wanted to make a universal place of meeting for many different peoples of the world? Are you tired of looking for a dating software solution which is suitable for small countries with rare languages? ABK-Soft AbleDating Dating Software makes it possible to have as many different languages as you want. ABK-Soft Dating Software breaks any language barrier that exists in the Internet and in social networks and dating communities. The flexibility of the dating software code and its integrity make it possible to edit any labels and any text to create your own dating software language packages.

"Do I need to open those complicated and 'scary' dating software *.php files and edit them manually?"

No. There is absolutely no need to have a degree in PHP programming to create your own language pack for ABK-Soft's Dating Software solution! The language tab, which lets you change, add and edit AbleDating Dating Software Language Packs is placed in the Admin Control Panel in the Administration Area of an AbleDating Dating Software powered website or social network site.

The only knowledge you'll need is a basic knowledge of the English language. You will have to do some translation of the phrases, texts and labels which are displayed on the AbleDating Dating Software powered webpages. After entering the Language Pack tab in the Admin CP of the dating software solution you will end up with having two columns before you. One column contains the original labels of AbleDating Dating Software and the other has empty text boxes which shall have to be filled by you or an interpreter. After filling these dating software text boxes you will instantly see the changes around your website.

The dating software homepage logo can also be changed or replaced by any other image containing a welcome message in another language. This is simply done in the Admin CP of the dating software.

You will be able to run a dating service or a social network for the people of any remote location, in any language, with ABK-Soft's Dating Software - AbleDating 2.4!
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