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Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL online dating software with unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization.

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Dating software and community script solutions are not really popular with eCommerce merchants and online businessmen. This might be because dating communities and social networks are expensive to setup and maintain. This is true, partially, as many dating software solutions are very expensive. A basic boxed solution ranges from 900 USD up to a few thousand dollars! One has to pay for technical support, external modules, advertisement commissions and so on.

Dating software solutions and social network engines, in fact are 'apt' to make money. Money is made mostly on membership payments. A membership fee of $10.00 paid by 200 members equals $2000! And that is a relatively low membership fee as most dating sites have membership fees of up to $50.00, and that would be ten thousand dollars, at only 200 members.

Money made with dating software and community software doesn't only come from membership fees. There are many advert exchange and banner exchange programs that actually bring money; dating software owners get paid for their members viewing small banner ads.

Yes, there are many ways of making money, but the initial fee that has to paid for a piece of dating software is rather high, and the risk seems to be too big. That is false, there is no risk. Dating software setup and used correctly will bring you profits. The cost of dating software is high. But there are cheap dating software solutions out there and AbleDating is one of them.

AbleDating community software is offered at a one-time low fee of about $500. And by one-time no setup fees, no technical support fees, no external modules fees, and free life-time updates is meant!

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